You’re Sick. Do You Visit The Doctor, Urgent Care, Er, Or Walk In?

Becoming sick is not an event anyone ever wishes for. Due to an accident, environmental changes, weak immune system, exposure to disease-carrying organisms, etc. we become sick. When we are sick, the first thought is getting medical care.

Today there are so many places where you can go for medical care, e.g.; Doctor’s office, Urgent care such as broadwayhealth.net, Emergency room or Walk-in clinic. They all provide medical care, but it is just good to understand the difference between the health facilities.

Difference between Doctor’s office, Emergency room, Walk-in clinic, and Urgent Care.

1.Emergency room.

This is definitely the most understood form of medical care facility. People differentiate it from the rest because of the name itself. However, we can not tell definitely if some patients confuse emergency room with urgent care.


You should only go to the ER in case of traumatic injuries or acute sudden-onset symptoms & conditions such as;

-Severe physical trauma , dislocated joints or broken bones.
-Severe cold or flu.
-Severe pain in the abdomen.
-Symptoms of a heart attack.
-Severe heart palpitations.
-Sudden clumsiness.
-Sudden testicular swelling or discomfort.
-Vaginal bleeding in pregnant moms.
-Seizures without a medical history of epilepsy.
-Newborn baby with fever etc.

Most people who go to the ER actually go with an ambulance since they can not take themselves in a severe illness state. For the above life-threatening symptoms, you can simply call 911.

2.Urgent care.

To visit Urgent care, it means that your injuries or illness is not life-threatening, but you can not definitely wait for a doctor to attend to you. Some of the conditions and symptoms under Urgent care are;

-Sore throat.
-Persistent diarrhea.
-Ear pain.
-Fever with no rash.
-Non-life threatening allergic reactions.
-Painful urination.

3.Primary care physician.


A family doctor plays a crucial role in the medical industry. Since they work with appointments, you can not visit them for life-threatening conditions. You simply visit them when you feel that your condition is not severe and can wait on the queue. Some of the conditions and symptoms include;

-Sore throat and ear infection.
-Skin problems.
-Minor injuries, eg bruises.
They can also your care for;
-Heart disease.
-Substance abuse.
-High Blood Pressure.
-Diabetes etc.

4.Walk-in clinics.

Walk-in clinics are medical care facilities located in retailers or pharmacies.

You should consult a walk-in doctor in case of the following conditions and symptoms;

-Bug or tick stings.
-Cholesterol screening.
-Skin conditions.
-Sore throat.
-Sinus infections.
-Blisters or wounds etc.

The 4 medical care facilities are definitely different in the services offered. Moreover, you use different insurance plans, and they all have advantages and disadvantages.

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