The Fit Wrapz Story

As a personal trainer and nutrition counselor one of the challenges I saw repeating itself when working with clients was for them being able to prepare and plan their food on a regular basis.

personal trainer and nutrition counselorI also found this to be a challenge for myself through college and beyond so I began pre-making food that was balanced, tasty, and easy to grab-and-go. I loved the convenience of being able to microwave my food since I was always crunched for time. I decided to develop a wholesome, healthy, made from scratch burrito with the perfect carb, protein and fat breakdown, by using nutrition analysis software.

What started as bi-weekly burrito parties making burritos for myself and friends, evolved into making bulk quantities of balanced, healthy and tasty burritos, delivering them frozen and ready to eat to my clients. Within two months I had grown my new business into 10 customers! As the business started to grow I also began receiving feedback. People wanted new flavors and more variety. Through culinary research and assistance from friends, I developed the Barbecue, Green Chili and Teriyaki Fit Wrapz® flavors. Soon after, the two Breakfast flavors joined the Fit Wrapz® line of burritos.

I realized there was potential to create tasty food that was healthy and convenient for people who care about what they eat and for those serious about fitness. Seeking advice from executive chefs, food coaches, business owners, CEO’s, CFO’s, friends, family, clients and formal classes, also traveling to food shows, expos and seminars, to learn everything possible about the very complex food industry, I gained a better understanding of how to make my dream a reality. Since 2006, I’ve been fulfilling a dream of truly making a difference in how we as a society view and eat food…one wrap at a time.