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What Are The Side Effects Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Making an effort to acquire testosterone therapy if you are experiencing the challenge of low levels of testosterone can be enticing. The truth of the matter is, there exists a wide range of misconceptions surrounding the strength of this treatment.

Apart from its benefits, testosterone therapy phoenix is associated with various health risks. It may come as a curse for certain people if it doesn’t work to your advantage. The side effects of this therapy are not limited to the following.

1. Mild challenges


Some men experience mild health risks of testosterone replacement therapy, including breathing difficulties when sleeping, breast tenderness or swelling, ankles swelling and acne. Others also encounter increased blood counts of red blood cells. This, in turn, increases clotting risks in the body.

2. Cardiovascular Problems

This treatment is also associated with cardiovascular issues such as heart attacks, heart disease deaths and even strokes.

Research and studies from medical reports have shown that men who are on long term use of testosterone replacement therapy are usually on the verge of facing heart problems.

3. Prostate Cancer


Although evidence is usually mixed, Physicians from all over the world have claimed that testosterone replacement therapy could easily stimulate prostate cancer growth. This condition which common in men with low testosterone levels in their blood is at times attributed to the use of testosterone therapy. Men with prostate cancer have high urination symptoms like decreased frequency or stream.

Other abnormalities associated with testosterone replacement therapy include the following:

• Increased aggression with people

• Breast enlargement in men

• High mood swings

• Decreased size of the testicular

• Mild fluid retention


In conclusion, it is crucial to always consult your doctor on matters relating to therapy. He or she will provide you with the required information to boost your testosterone hormone levels. always take advice