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How Do I Give A Prp Injection


Platelet-rich plasma is a concentration of platelets of your blood, usually imposed through an injection to a place that has an injury to fasten the healing process. Furthermore, platelets play a vital role through the healing of soft tissues as well as wounds hence activating the growth of new cells.

Therefore, PRP injection boosts your body naturally, and it helps your body to heal itself through its natural ability. Moreover, it empowers the body to function to its best level. However, it is only possible for you to give a PRP injection if you acquire sufficient skills in prp training

How does PRP TRAINING help you learn how to give PRP injection?

How Do I Give A Prp Injection


PRP TRAINING enables you to offer the best PRP injection to your patients and consequently become a professional. Furthermore, you have to follow several procedures of PRP TRAINING to achieve, giving the best PRP injection to the patient. These procedures include:

Drawing blood from your patient

First and foremost, in PRP TRAINING, you will sample blood from veins of your patient body. About 2 ounces of blood is usually needed to complete the entire process of PRP.

Processing the blood

Carefully place a sample of your patient blood into a centrifuge machine. This is to allow the device to process the blood into its many blood components.

Preparation of platelets-rich in plasma

Once you are done separating blood into its many components. PRP TRAINING states that it is appropriate for you as a professional doctor or technician to go ahead and prepare a centrifuged PRP for injection. Moreover, make sure you disinfect the wound of your patient with either iodine or alcohol to prevent it from getting contaminated as well as killing germs around the area.

Since many of your patients will probably have a phobia, you should calm them down before giving them the injection through the skills you acquire in PRP TRAINING. Furthermore, this will also enable them to feel less pain. Before you apply the dose; in case you are using ultrasound, you will need to apply a special gel on the skin near the place you would probably impose the injection to protect the screen for you to see.


After all this entire process, PRP TRAINING recommends you to fill the syringe with the appropriate amount of PRP of 3 – 6ml and inject the affected area using the needle. Afterwards, when you are done with the application of your medication; you are supposed to cleanse the injection area and then bandage it up. However, your patients are likely to experience pain for three days as a result of the injection.

Additionally; this injection should be followed up with immediate care. Therefore, through PRP TRAINING, you can acquire skills on how you to advise your patients to relax for a few days to avoid straining the affected joints.

On the other hand, it is recommendable that your patient to use the compress for about 10-20 minutes for the pain to reduce as well as to prevent swelling. Moreover, it is suitable for your patients to wear sling or brace for protection reasons and finally not to take anti-inflammatory painkillers unless advised so.


Having read through the article, you now understand why PRP TRANING is vital to learn how to deliver a PRP injection safely. Subsequently, you will have minimal strain thanks to the training as well as ensuring you follow the recommended dose and procedures.