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How Do Health Insurance Work?

It always works by helping in protecting your assets from the expensive medical care, without health insurance, you might find yourself in a situation where almost all of your savings are taken away by the medical bills. Health insurance tends to be complicated; some people are annoyed with the entire process while other people are very happy about the whole thing.

It is very necessary for you to have health insurance to do away with the high cost of medical bills; you should have it unless you are lucky to be very wealthy. Since it has become very common, several people are not aware of the overall purpose of the insurance.


It will enable you to get that healthcare the time when it is needed by you. There are several choices put forward by health insurance companies that one can choose from, therefore, before you can engage in selecting a plan, you will have to first look through the available combinations of the deductibles, the copayments, and the premiums.

The monthly premiums: like other insurances such as auto as well as homeowners insurance, you are required to pay for this even if you have never made a claim. This will help in providing the cash flows hence the insurance company will be able to pay for their day to day expenses.

The deductible-This is what you are required to pay before an insurance company can even contribute something. They always range from $500 in a year to $10000 for a year or even more than that. It is important to note that lower deductibles are always available from those plans that are sponsored by a company.


Copayment for each visit: Normal copay is $20, this is paid when a doctor visits, while for a hospital visit, you will have to pay $ 50, but for every prescription, you will need to pay between $10 and $40. You are required to make 100% payment until the time when the deductible will be met.

Coinsurance: This is a percent that you will have to pay in order to have access to services like surgery or the hospital stays, if your doctor attends to you at the hospital, you might be required to pay a copayment for that visit as well as that for the hospitalization.

Insurance companies are fond of charging deductibles because they do not want you to keep going to the doctor even for the least of issues. They were scared of their costs skyrocketing if the health care was 100% free.


Being healthy has to be your most precious asset; therefore, you will need to protect it at all cost. It is important that one does not overstate the health insurance value. Having no health insurance can prove to be very dangerous to your health, this is because it can delay your treatment hence your sickness might become worse, it might also lead to you using a large amount of money hence leave you bankrupt, it is therefore very important that you protect yourself as well as your family by possessing a health insurance .