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6 Tips for Taking Your Drone Photography to the Next Level

The invention of drone technology has improved the world of photography as photographers take advantage of taking aerial photographs with ease. Drones can be used to take photographs and video recording on different occasion and for different purposes.

Buying a drone with the intention of photography purses does not make you a professional photographer but you need to attend drone photography contests to learn more about drone photography. However, in this article you will learn some tips for taking your drone photography to the next Level.

1. Shoot RAW

When you want to start using a drone to take photographs you should start using the Raw shooting format as the format allow you to make a wide view of correction hence you don’t lose much data in your photos. Therefore if you want to take your photography work to another level, you should start shooting using RAW format.


2. Bracketing

Bracketing means to have the appropriate exposure of your images to make sure that you shoot the highlights and shadows. In order to have some super amazing photos taken using drones, you should learn how to adjust your drone camera to the right exposure so that it appears more bright when you take photographs of subjects on a sunny day. With proper use of bracketing, you will take pictures that will make your name great.

3. Lighting

There are no given standards of the best lighting that you can use to have better photos but it is upon you as the photographer to know the best lighting through consistent practice. However, you should know that good lighting is one feature that will make your photos attractive.

4. Know basic mechanics of your drone

As a photographer and a drone user you should accept the fact that you will be going to shoot photos to different places depending on the demand of your customers, therefore it is good to know some basic mechanics.


Like how to calibrate when you go to shoot photos with your drone to a new place. Knowing the basic mechanics of your drone will always make sure you are effective and reliable to your customers. Trick to note; always download your files after every flight.

5. Fly your drone at an average height not too high

Most drone cameras come with tiny sensors and also they do have a wide angled lens this feature makes the drone cameras not to produce detailed images when you fly the drone too high while taking photos. Therefore it is advisable to drone user for photography work to lower their drone near the subject in order to take detailed photos.

6. Plan ahead

No activity that will be very successful if not properly planned. For drone users planning involves knowing the weather of the actual day and place, know the rules of the location, lighting among others.

Drone use has made photography work look more of fun and not a profession. Therefore, every photographer should consider purchasing a drone and knowing how to use it in order to fit in the competitive world of photography. However, with the above six tips, you will advance in the profession.