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Can I Drink With Cbd Oil

Can I Drink With Cbd Oil

With the popularity of CBD oil on the rise, many people are wondering if they can drink with CBD Oil. Some alcohol manufacturers have gone a step ahead to make CBD infused beverages, shots, and beers. With such products available in the market, it is essential to establish the safety of taking CBD Oil with alcohol.

This article seeks to establish the possible effects of mixing CBD Oil with alcohol.


Firstly, let’s get to know what CBD oil is. It is an extract from the cannabis plant, which is then mixed with oils such as olive, palm, hemp seed, or even coconut oil. This oil is hailed for its varying health benefits, such as reducing anxiety, pain management, and promoting excellent skin health.

CBD Oil and Alcohol

When you take alcohol and CBD oil together, you will likely amplify their effects. When you take them in higher doses, you will likely experience sedation and increased sleepiness. You will also experience some changes in behavior and mood. Though there is not much research into the effects of mixing alcohol and CBD oil, it is apparent that they amplify each other’s effects.

When you Buy CBD Products Online for their immense health benefits, you should take some precautions when mixing them with alcohol. This is because higher doses of the mixture would lead to undesired results. However, lower doses of the mixture will give you the best effects of the two.

There is research that has shown that CBD oil could help in impacting the harmful effects of alcohol. CBD oil will help protect the body against disease and cell damage occasioned by alcohol consumption.

Bottom Line

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One must avoid taking alcohol and CBD oil together in high doses, as this would lead to sedation and excessive sleepiness. These are undesirable effects that nobody would love to experience. However, mixing them in smaller doses will generate positive effects.

Taking them together will also have fantastic help to a person’s body cells, whereby CBD helps to protect cells against alcohol damage. They also help reduce the concentration of alcohol in the blood.There is still a need for more research on the effects of mixing CBD oil with alcohol to conclusively establish if they can be safely combined.