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Wedding Lightroom Presets: Shooting and Editing Tips

Presets are becoming popular nowadays due to advance technology. Lightroom presets are collections of editing tools that are applied in an image to enhance it. Lightroom presets have tools that are connected for retouching techniques, from the most ordinary to the most sophisticated ones.

The free lightroom presets have a possibility to add a unique and unforgettable look to any image, even if it was poorly shot. Though the click of a button, the editing magic enhances the image, and that is the reason why people keep on using these presets.

Due to retouching easiness and accessibility, the end product is satisfactory and appealing to the eyes.

Use a wider aperture

When the sun gets down, the lights tend to less. To take advantage of the little available lights, it is good to use aperture size that ranges from f/2.8 to f/5.6 that will make the background of your image look more blurred. This helps in removing the background distraction, and the image will stand out to be unique.

Use reflections

It is good to use a reflector to retain details. Golden hours come once in a while, and when shooting during this hour, it is easy to lose clarity and details.


To get a beautiful image, use a reflector to bounce light back to the object so that the object is captured the way it is. Furthermore, there is uniqueness when you focus on where other people tend to concentrate less. Go out after rains, before sunset, big glass windows, swimming pools, in puddles… This usually makes unique photos.

Use front lighting

It is advisable to let your subject to face the light. The front light will fall evenly across the face of your subject thus complimenting the image quality. When the subject face different direction with the sun, the image might be dark hence producing a poor quality image.

White balance on cloud

Clouds are nice sceneries when the photographer balances the camera’s light from that of clouds. The might provide a good background, and the image might turn out to be unique. However, it is good to understand that unbalanced light can cause the image to look like it is unreal. Hence, ensure the white balance on cloud is achieved to get a unique and quality image.

Shoot from various angles

Shooting from various angles is a good way to add uniqueness to your images. This will enable you to have the same image but with different background since the image is taken from a different angle.


It is advisable when you are changing perspective to shift with more than 45 degrees since smaller shift will not enable you to realize the intended effect.

Converting black and white images with the use of desaturate

It is advisable when editing to choose the image, adjustments, channel mixer which will give you a chance to adjust the blue, green and red channel slider to get the color of your desire.

When the editor chooses image, adjustment, desaturate function as it washes off all the colors in the image, and the result is a black and white image. This leaves the image to be boring and unattractive.

Take away

A photo shoot is a great experience, and the unique images are the memories to treasure. To get quality images that are worthy of keeping for years, it is good to follow the right procedures while shooting and editing.