How Divorce And Separation Affects Your Kids

When parents establish that it’s no longer fit to live together and decide to go separate ways, kids experience massive changes in their lives. The children have to cope with the absence of one parent, visiting two separate households to see their parents and the dissolution of their parent’s marriage.

Divorce and separation will make your children feel different levels of upset depending on their age.

How divorce and separation affects your kids


When you separate or divorce with your partner, it’s not just your life that will be affected, children will also feel the impact too. Given that your kids depend on you and your partner for love, care, security, etc., the effects of you two living separate lives cannot be ignored. read this article to know more about how divorce and separation affect your children.

Distress in young children

Your young dependent children will be stressed when you divorce or separate with your partner. This painful event makes it hard for them to adjust to an unknown, unpredictable, new, and different world.

They tend to question everything around them, including love and care. Finding responses to all these questions can be regressive to your children.

Divorce and separation shake trust on parents

When living happily with your partner, your children’s dependency will be unquestionable. However, when you separate or divorce, your kids will no longer view you as they did before.


Given that you have behaved in an undependable way, their trust in dependency on parents will shake. They will have to visit one parent since they live with the other in a journey that’s characterized by insecurity, instability, and unfamiliarity.

It negatively affects your children’s development

Divorce and separation have various negative social impacts on children. Kids that are brought up by single parents are more likely to engage in drug abuse, depression, crime, and break their marriages. In general, children from intact and functioning families outdo those from broken families.

Kids from divorced or separated families experience diminished competence in terms of future earning power, emotional well-being, and education, among others.

Whereas you can separate with your partner, you will always be the mother or father to your children. Consequently, even if you have the right to dissolve any relationship, it’s always important to remember that your kids have no choice. Divorce and separation have short-term and long-term impacts on the development, health, and well-being of your children.

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